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Information on the stolen and lost Swiss watch is posted in the section "Blacklist" of our website. Information from this section may be useful to those who have lost their property, as there is a certain chance to return the lost, as well as significantly complicate to the thieves in further realization of stolen watches. Equally, the information from this section will be interesting to those who are going to buy a Swiss watch in the secondary market - before you buy a watch, you can check their "prehistory".

By filling out the appropriate form you can send a message about the stolen or lost hours, which will be published after moderation. Your contact information is not published in public access and is provided to the interested party only upon request after your consent.

If you have any information about the watch from the "Blacklist" or can assist in its return, please contact the administration of our website by e-mail or by phone, specified in the section "Contacts" (link) and we will provide the contact information of the watch owner.