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Watch pawnshop "Tsyferblat" takes as a pledge the original Swiss watches, new and used.

Our pawnshop of the Swiss watch – one of the few in which the watch is taken as pledge and are estimated as objects of jewelry art. As a rule, the estimated cost of Swiss watches is 20-40% of the retail price of new ones in branded salons.

Why do customers choose us?

  1. We accept as a pledge watches of more than 30 brands, including luxury models worth more than 100 thousand dollars;
  2. Watch pawnshop works in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia. See all branches of the watch pawnshop "Tsyferblat" on the Contact page;
  3. You can get a preliminary evaluation via the Internet by filling out the form on the "Online Evaluation" page;
  4. We offer exchange services. You can also buy watches in a pawnshop in Moscow and other cities at a favorable price.

Valuation of watches

We can conduct a preliminary evaluation by phone or by receiving information from you via the on-line evaluation form, but we will name the exact price only after a visual inspection. It is possible the visit of our specialist for visual inspection and evaluation to your office or house.

Additional questions related to the pledge, sale and buying up of watches in the pawnshop can be asked in any way convenient for you in the "Contacts" section.

Our offices and branches

Watch pawnshops "Tsyferblat" are located in many cities of Russia. On our website you can find the full list of branches in the "Contacts" section.

Address of the pawnshop in Moscow:
Moscow, Tsvetnoy Blvd., 26
+7 (495) 922-4444

Working hours: MON-FRI 1000-2100, SAT 1200-1800, SUN - off.
Please, prior to the visit, coordinate the time of your arrival by phone or e-mail.

The addresses of the pawnshops in other cities

Commission shop

We also work as a Commission shop of Swiss watches. If you are interested in purchasing original models at a favorable price, please contact us. Usually, the expensive watch carries neatly and not every day, so the state of many models presented on sale – is close to new ones.

In our store you can buy watches of various Swiss brands, including:

See all models available in our catalog. There our current special offers are presented also.